Delivering IT Strategy in a Digital World

Lyracus can ensure that your IT strategy delivers value to your organisation. IT investment should always add value to an organisation and follow the business vision and strategy. All too often, however, IT suppliers are geared up to sell technology with possible generic benefits. Realisation of benefits from IT investment for a particular organisation always depends on alignment of IT systems with the organisation, its current position, strategy and future plans. A good business case will help to determine if the investment is justified at a particular point in time. Lyracus offers a service to undertake strategic reviews of the IT requirements of the organisation, develop a strategy, create high level implementation time lines and budgetary estimates to enable effective financial planning. One of the ways of managing risk around IT investment and avoiding expensive IT project failures is to ensure a thorough business case is prepared on which the decision to invest can be based. Lyracus can prepare business cases for submission to the board for approval and audit purposes and present plans to the board to engage and reach agreement on the way forward amongst stakeholders. One of the benefits of working with a broadly focused consultancy company such as Lyracus is the opportunity for Lyracus to use a holistic approach to providing consultancy services and if required make pro-active suggestions for new innovative IT solutions and creative ways of adding value or cutting costs for the organisation. The epitome of this is the ‘IT Director’ or 'Chief Digital Officer' service which can be used in a very cost effective way by engaging a senior consultant to act in a part time Director capacity which can be scheduled to meet the requirements of the organisation, which may start from as little as two days per month depending on the level of service required.